All games are tested and rewound on the side successfully tested and loaded (unless noted otherwise in the desciption). Multi-stage tapes may have only been tested for the first stage, but will state if all parts have been checked. Some are untested and will state this in the description - this is mainly on ZX81 games, or cover tapes.

Condition will vary from item to item and as a guide the general overall condition has been graded on the following scale:

  • A1 : Excellent condition near unused with no marks or damage
  • A2 : Excellent condition near unused but may have slight damage, for example inlay tape holes
  • B : Very good condition with normal/minor age related wear and tear but no damage. May have some some very minor dents/creases on inlay.
  • C : Good condition with some minor damage. May have some small dents, creases or light tears (e.g around the tape holes) or small suface cracks in the case.
  • D : Reasonable condition, generally OK but with some minor damage to either the inlay or the case, or very light/minor pen marks on the inlay
  • E : Poor condition. Generally rough or damaged in some way. Damaged inlay or case, or many/larger marks from pen etc. An item in this category may, for example, actually have a very good condition inlay, but have writing inside the inlay.
NOTE that these are just a general guide to give an indication and the difference between levels is open to interpretation. They are there to give a rough comparable guide to overall condition and not an exact detail. An E condition may be in very good general condition overall (otherwise), but with some permanent pen marks, or damage to the inlay (a torn corner for example).
Additional information may also be provided in the description to help clarify the condition where necessary. If you want more details, or would like to see additional pictures for a particular item then please get in contact to request this and we'll be happy to help.
Generally, unless otherwise noted, cassettes and labels are in reasonable used condition and undamaged/marked apart from normal age related wear and tear as to be expected. Cassette cases are generally clean, un-cracked and in working condition unless noted but again expect normal age related wear and tear scratches and price sticker residue.

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